Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers and Opinions on The Set

Huzzah the Time has Come!

We’ve finally seen the full spoiled list of Rivals of Ixalan and the set it looking pretty promising.. For formats besides standard, I think. Unfortunately, there’s no solid cards that counter Temur Energy the way that we were hoping to see within RIX. There are some great additions to other decks that will help the format blossom. Dinosaurs, Vampires, and we’re even seeing some new Merfolk (Along with the Silvergill Adept Reprint!) to add. Since the Pre-Releases start in a little under a week, I am only going to go over the more highlighted cards from Rivals of Ixalan.

The new ‘Ascend’ Mechanic seems okay, but just okay. Why not just use the existing devotion mechanic? Lots of cards that will only be useful in the current release, and get immediately dropped when the next set comes out.
Once you have the city’s blessing, you can keep it for the rest of the game. Nothing can take it away from you. If you lose all of your permanents after gaining city’s blessing.. You’ll still keep the city’s blessing, even though you’re probably going to lose. Multiple players can have city’s blessing at the same time, don’t forget that.

The ‘Story Spotlight’ cards of the set (That are marked ‘Story Spotlight’ as well), are Flood of Recollection, Induced Amnesia, and Mastermind’s Acquisiton.

More tribal, a new mechanic, and a couple of older ones from Ixalan.. Well, Wizards listened to peoples opinions.. Sort of. Also.. The prices of RIX cards even a week BEFORE the Pre-Release.. Well.. Let’s just say, gosh, these prices are pretty grose. And.. No, Not in a good way. The highest valued card (Besides the Sealed products and Pre-Conned Deck Planeswalkers) is sitting at $10.42.. It’s not even 11 dollars? Yikes. Financially thus far, the set is looking like a flop for investors. BUT, maybe three weeks to a month in the prices of cards will go up. My predictions for prices moving ahead, I think Blood Sun will sit at an even or just a couple of dollars under Blood Moon. I think with B.S. Being B.M.’s counterpart, they won’t be too drastically different in price. With it sitting currently at $9.97, I think it will sit good fittingly at $16 to $17 dollars.

⦁ White

This card has got to be one of my favorites of Rivals of Ixalan. For 2 cost you get to exile an opponents creature with CMC 3 for less. Also with how much enchantment love and hate there is, there’s plenty of help to keep it on the field and to remove it yourself to get a free 3/3 token with trample. This is an exile Fatal Push with a free 3/3 trample token in addition. Of Course, if you have an option for a 2 or 4 CMC Destruction and this card is just 3, but it’s a great middle ground. I think this card will help the U/W Approach decks and make Gideon Tribal a -little- bit better. Also, don’t forget Vampires and (Of Course, like the artwork says) Dinosaurs. In a multiplayer game, the target opponent who creates a dinosaur token doesn’t have to be the same one whose creature was exiled.

This card is just helpful since Vampires are about making your life total lower and activating abilities that trigger once your life is very low. (Typically under 8 to 10.) For a 1 Cost Instant, I would put this in many decks that have White as a color within them.

This card is a fair filler card that you can thin your deck with multiple copies of. I wouldn’t play it if you don’t need thinning capabilities. But, If you play Draw/Discard, this is a good addition so you can grab them all from your deck to thin and then discard them if you can’t play them.

While this card isn’t the best, it’s pretty good. Two white and One Colorless you take the toll as well, but it’s a good option for a side board if you are dealing with a deck that only pumps out beaters.

⦁ Blue

For two blue, this card is quite an option to have in any blue control deck. While this is a sorcery, it’s a good option if you seem to be running out of in hand options.

I can see U/W Approach using this card to their advantage, just like with Baffling End. If you have a deck that’s focused for Enchantment love or hate, this is a card that can be used in many ways. Either to use on yourself to get a few extra deck pulls, or to use against your opponent if you can go for game but are afraid they have a counter in their hand.

Of course, everyone is super excited for a Silvergill Adept reprint in standard. This Modern and Legacy Lorwyn card was announced as a brand new promo for Open House weekend, but now it’s official in standard it will help out any Merfolk deck you may be thinking of running.

⦁ Black

All I have to say is.. Horsie!

It’s a Standard Legal Less Good Tutor. While this card is very promising, usually these types of cards are pushed to the sides in standard due to their unreliability. The Four CM Cost is slightly high, butnot for the abilities of the card itself.

Not a whole lot for Black, Believe me, I know. I was pretty dissapointed too.

⦁ Red

THIS. IS. AMAZING! BESIDES the great Artwork (THAT I APPRECIATE SO MUCH), I think that this card won’t be used all that much in Standard, But against Land decks within other formats this card will help a ton. This card is amazing just because it’s ‘Blood Sun’ and it’s a counterpart for ‘Blood Moon’.. One of the many Iconic Cards in Magic The Gathering. If a land has an ability that causes it to enter the battlefield tapped, it will lose that ability before it applies. The same is also true of any other abilities of a land that modify how it enters the battlefield or apply ‘as’ it enters the battlefield, such as the first ability of Unclaimed Territory.

This is a perfect addition to any Ramunap Red deck. For a 1 CMC Instant, you just can do damage to your Hazoret and 4 to your opponent. This is quite the highlight of Rivals of Ixalan to most people. This card has been the most talked about since it was spoiled.

Not a whole lot for Red either, except that one Clutch Red card.

⦁ Green

I’m sure you already know about this card since it was a Promo, but it’s a really good card in most Green Beastie decks. For a 12/12 with its Mana Cost that always is going down, you definately should hope you didn’t top deck it, but hope you get it midgame. Ghalta’s first ability can’t reduce its CMC below the two greens it requires to cast. BUT it can reduce by 10.. Geeze Louise..

Woah. 2 Green 1 Colorless Mana Cost, and a 2/1 creature, you get TWO explore abilities. This card is going to be very handy for adding +1+1 counters on things and for knowledge if your top deck card.

This card is pretty useful. It will pair QUITE well with the Kinjali’s card that came out in Base Ixalan, Which also lowers the cost of Dinosaur Spells by 1. Plus as a 2/4 it will be tough to knock off the field if your opponent has no removal.

This is either a game changer or a game loser. If your opponent exiles this card on you after you’ve hit many milled cards you’ll be SOOL. You really have to hope you can keep this card on board until its used up to your advantage.

⦁ MultiColored

It’s a pretty good card, but its cost isn’t something you’d want to have to pay in Standard with how quickly pased the format is. If multiple effects say that an opponent can’t cast instant or sorcery spells during that player’s next turn, they all apply to the same turn. There’s no effect overlay.

This card has so much potential. The cost is a little far out there, though I think it would be a fair addition to Grixs’ or Izzet decks.

This card is going to be amazing in EDH.. I don’t think it will paticularly be seen in any formats besides Commander though. It would be very very tough to get out in Standard with the speed and removal.

The flip side of this is preeeeetty great and grand. It would be a huge help in Mono Colored decks like Ramunap Red. Or even a color heavy deck that only dabbles in a splash of another color. The cards you exile from your hand are exiled face up. The ability of Sanctum of the Sun (The flipped side of Azor’s Gateway) is a mana ability. It doesn’t use the stack and can’t be responded to.

All I have to say for the remaining cards.. is some BEAUTIFUL land reprints. Like Highland Lake.. It looks like a Scalding Tarn, for sure. I KNOW IT’S NOT RELEVANT BUT DAMN DO YOU LOOK GOOD. Haha.

These are the cards I think deserve more hype or notice then others. I am bound to have missed a couple of cards, but who knows. Maybe you’ll agree with all of these card choices, maybe you’ll agree with none of them. All I know is that these are MY OWN predictions, rulings made my WOTC directly, and a couple of random little prices in there that reflect the market currently.

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