Quick 5 Second Ban List Predictions.

I think most people have been done with energy since the beginning of its rise. With the release of it in Kaladesh to the great support it got in Aether Revolt, most people think that on Monday (Right after Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release Weekend) they will hit out Temur Energy to make room for the decks that will now be viable with Rivals. Dinosaurs and Merfolk are both looking pretty promising, but who knows if they’ll be played. Even if Energy got hit, would the additions to the ban list change the meta? Ramunap Red will most likely float under the radar of the list, but I do guess anything is an option at this point.
I’m quickly going to go over my thoughts and opinions on what most people have said they’d like to see gone from Standard before the sets and the deck itself rotates out.

Attune with Aether
This card is useful in ANY variant of an energy deck you’re playing. It gives the ability to run fewer lands within a deck that would naturally struggle with pulling the mana it would regularly need. As long as you’re playing a deck with Green you can play this card. It’s a great thinner addition to a deck. Much faster access to ramp a deck into both the energy and the land it needs. The argueable point why people dislike this deck is because of its speed.

Aether Hub
This is a very close second to Attune. I guess we all hope this banned list theme is ‘Aether Goodbye’. This card makes any multicolored deck run fabulously. It’s the same argumenet as Attune with Aether.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance
I anticipate this card to leave if they touch anything that is red. Ramunap and Temur have played with this card for quite a while. The price has risen and dropped of this card but its use has not. Unlike Attune with Aether or Aether Hub, this card doesn’t ramp any deck that plays it. But I do think it’s a game changer if you’ve used it properly.

Rouge Refiner
2 Energy, A card draw, and a 3/2 for 1UNC/1U/1G This card is probably the second or third most important card in an energy deck. You usually use it with Longtusk Cub (Which I doubt will get touched. On its own it’s not a game breaker.

I guess I don’t have a fifth card?
I think those four cards would take priority if anything gets touched. Maybe Harnessed Lightning? Though it’s really good, it can’t do direct to a player and you can’t ‘break’ it like you can with the other cards.

That’s the quick list I figured i’d put together before Monday’s list comes around if anything even changes. I guess we’ll see in two days or so.

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