Commander 2017 & What It Brings To MTG

Commander 2017 –


Commander 2017 dropped on the 25th of August. The four decks that were released were Feline Ferocity, Vampric Bloodlust, Draconic Domination, and Arcane Wizardry. The hype has been up and down for the cards and decks. Everyone started off with wanting Arcane Wizardry and the lowest on the list was Draconic Domination, and with the selling numbers on the table at the end of the first Friday night, Vampiric Bloodlust was the best selling and Feline Ferocity was the loser on the list.


Modifications to the Decks –


Since Magic has such variance from the many years it has been around, each deck will have many upon many upgrades that can be made. Wizards and Dragons will be the easiest to modify yourself, But Wizards and Felines will need more modification then the others. Vampires and Cats will be on the slightly more difficult side of the scale, but doable. Each deck had advantages to what was printed in them and each deck has a downfall. Some need to be more modified out of the box and some you can take right out of the box, sleeve, and instantly get in the game with a competitive deck.


Difficulty of the Decks –


The difficulty level of each deck varies. Dragons will be the most difficult to master due to the 5 colors it presents to the game. The more colors the more widespread the general focus of the deck is. Feline’s will be one of the easiest due to the Two-Color focus. So if you’re new to the game or Commander as a format in general, most people will recommend Felines as the 2017 Commander deck to choose, and the second runner up for newer members of the format and game is Vampires. The deck’s consistency helps those that need to learn to keep to the main focus of what their deck is about.


New Cards, Reprints, and Value Out of the Box –

Dragons and Vampires have the worst out of box values and worst reprints. Many cards in all four of the decks were reprinted, but there were a handful in each deck that are brand new cards brought to the game. Roughly 60 new cards were brought into the game between them all. With new cards adding better prices and good staple Commander cards being reprinted, the decks are worth more out of box then MSRP. Wizards is a total of $83.30, Cats is a total of $81.15, Vampires is a total of $77.83, and coming in last is Dragons with a total value of $76.94. These prices will most likely change with demand always changing, but those are the rough estimates of each deck. Mirari’s Wake, Captivating Vampire, Marchesa, the Black Rose, and Dragonspeaker Shaman are just a few of the well priced reprints in these decks. Just some of the new cards to these decks are Mirror of the Forebears, New Blood, Herald’s Horn, and Patron of the Vein.


Conclusion –

Wizards is the best on the list in my opinion and many others because it is very upgradable and has a lot of immediate value, but it’s the worst deck in terms of building a good long-term Commander collection. Cats is the best long-term deck, great land base, But it struggles because Cats themselves are so limited as a tribe. Dragons is by far the best of the bunch if you want a ton of nostalgia and lore. Vampires came in last because of how awful majority of the commanders in it are. But it is the most consistent of all of the decks.
Overall, all of the decks are viable options to play. Some more competitive then others and some more casual then others. But, all are fun to play and can catch their moments. And of course, Wizards wants to keep Wizards relevant.

Linked below we have some videos from AA Gaming in regards to the Commander Decks and how they can play out.

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